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The Reverend Douglas Miller

The Jon-Erik Hexum Memorial Service
Thursday, November 15, 1984
Demarest United Methodist Church
Demarest, New Jersey
Invocation and Benediction by Minister Douglas Miller

The Christian doctrine of the resurrection is not a cosmographic fantasy about the detailed conditions of an afterlife.
Resurrection is the significant assurance that death does not put an end to the possibility of life.
The theologian, Carl Mickelson, reminds us,
"A man's life is on the pattern of the Broadway player whose role calls for his death in the first act.  The curtain falls.  His part is finished.  All men are actors who seem fated to die before the play is finished.
"As soon as the curtain falls, this actor leaps to his feet and dashes across the street to another theatre where he takes up another part."
So man dies: to rise.
Man's destiny is not explained by one stage only.
The doctrine of the resurrection has nothing to do with the nature of the transition one makes from one theatre to another.... long it takes....
...or the condition on the way.
Nor has it to do with the character of the scenery in the new theatre.
The hope of the resurrection simply inspires the confidence in this stage of life that death is not the end.
Jon may play out his life upon another stage.
May the God of love, mercy and peace receive the spirit of thy servant, Jon Erik, in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

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