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Amy Peck Remembers

Jon-Erik (Jack) Hexum Memorial Service -- Amy Peck, Friend and fellow Student, Shares her Recollections

Jack had more than friends,
he had special friendships.
He and I had a very special friendship,
which lasted nine years.
Our friendship was almost self-contained, in a way,
when we went places or did things together,
I never seemed to notice all the other people around us --
there was just as magnetic and direct a connection between us
as if we were the only two people in a piano room in
Tenafly High School or standing on the football field
during the Michigan-Michigan State game.
There's just one aspect of our friendship that I wanted to tell you about...
The other thing I want to describe briefly
are a few precious moments from the day I spent with Jack
this September...
Yetp, just a few weeks ago, I was in California
and finagled a way to spend a Sunday with him...
I was there to applaud when he did his first successful forward roll
on the highwire -- he was practicing for "The Circus of the Stars" --
I laughed when he pretended to be Dwight Stones jumping under the practice highwire that was just ten feet off the ground; and --
I taught him how to say Rosh Hashanah for the telethon he was doing that night for the Burbank Jewish Community Center;
And he lectured me on how terrible diet soda was for me and how I should drink papaya juice instead.
It was a fun day with my special friend, and it wasn't very long ago.

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