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Elizabeth Daily Remembers

Jon-Erik (Jack) Hexum Memorial Service: Elizabeth Daily, Friend

My big "Boo Bear", so beautiful...lies there so strong, so healthy and a Voyager -- and I just can't believe this is happening.
I love you, Jon-Erik.
I always will.
I love you, sweetheart.
And it was you who taught me the beauty and fulfillment of true, pure, and powerful love.
I never want to be without it, because it makes me feel so full and happy...and that is the greatest gift -- with life -- I or anyone could have been given and return!
It's like magic -- like you, Jon-Erik.
All my love,

P.S.  Tonight as I walked out of the hospital -- after days of lights and vital sign stats and then stillness -- with the wind came the soothing calmness in me -- with the wind came an enormous strength -- Jon-Erik is in the wind. 
Jon-Erik created a magical effect on all of us who had anything to do with him, and therefore a tremendous loss we all feel...
He's going to a new level of life, a change, and I feel that he wouldn't really want everyone feeling so sad...Oh, maybe a little sad...He probably would be saying, "Yeah, I'm popular...You all miss me now...Yeah," with a chuckle and a back flip -- " go on out and have a piece of pie and make your dreams come true -- like mine."

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