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"I first discovered JE in the fall of 1982 -- like most people did -- in 'Voyagers'.  Like the saying goes, 'just one look, that's all it took!'  One could easily see he was a diamond in the rough.
"I was working for the FBI at the time -- in the fingerprint/evidenc lab, and wrote a silly letter how my co-workers and I worked hard to keep America safe for him by catching crooks, etc., etc., and that the least he could do to thank us is send a picture of himself to hang over the one of J. Edgar Hoover, since they did, after all, share the same initials.  (Pushy, but it worked!)
"To my amazement, less than a month later, I did receive an autographed poster -- complete with doodles and as much craziness as I had thrown him.  I officially became a 'Voyager of the FBI'!)
"To reciprocate for his kindness, I sent him an FBI Academy shirt (usually associated with agents in training) and from that moment on I was to become accustomed to finding notes and postcards in my mailbox from JE.  (These notes were always written on the back of pages torn out of scripts! And in his own fashion, he would write his name and address big as day across the back of the envelopes!) He would let me know what talk shows and potential projects he was involved with, and I'd let him know what cases I was working with.
"In Feb. 1983, late one evening, I received a phone call from JE -- at the sound of that voice, yes, my knees went a bit weak! He thanked me for all the 'great' letters I had sent him, and for the next 25 minutes we spoke mainly (much to my surprise) about me.  He was genuinely interested in my 'career' at the FBI.  There were moments when I DID feel like I was having a conversation with Phineas Bogg! He was charming, witty, easy to talk to, and he actually made my work seem more important and glamorous than his was.
As he became more popular and busy trying to make his mark, the mail became less frequent, but he always made the effort to let me know where he would turn up next.  His extra efforts always touched me, as well as impressed me.  I just couldn't imagine ay other 'star' being this considerate.
"The following year in April 1984, once again out of the blue, 'my hero' called me.  This time we spoke more of what was happening in his life.  He was pleased with the 'possibility of a new series.'  'The plot is kinda shaky, but the character has real possibilities.'  (This man had a knack for throwing a curve ball.  In the middle of a conversation, he would suddenly ask, 'Hey, do you have a boyfriend? To which I replied, 'Yeah, do you?')  We spoke of the possibilitiy of finally meeting, as I had invited him to come see me work and take the VIP tour, and he tought it might be possible on his next trip east to pop into Washington DC.
"The last letter I received was in late Sept. 1984 -- asking me what I thought of Cover Up.  The last letter I wrote was in response to that.  Unfortunately, I'll never know if he even got a chance to read it.  I like to think he did.  I like to think I made hm laugh, just as he made me smile.  Most of all, I like to think we would have finally met face to face, and I would have gotten a big bear hug!"
-- Betsey S,
Washington DC

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