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Time Passes On, by Orleans
(written by J. and J. Hall)

Time passes on
like the river that must always run
Now you are gone
but I will have you till time is done
You can never take away
the love you gave me yesterday
I don't have to capture you
cause you're here in my memory.
My life goes on
like a song that is never still
I sing that song
to the emptiness I'll never fill
I don't need your photograph
to see your face in front of me
We may never touch again
but you're here in this melody
What once was will always be
and you've left your imprint on me
Sometimes I think it's the spark of conflict
with which we affect most heavily
But I hope if you think of me
you'll remember only harmony
and time passes on...

This song, chosen by the 1976 Tenafly High School student council, proved to be eerily meaningful after Jon-Erik's passing.

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