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High School Memories


Jon-Erik attended Tenafly High School in Tenafly, NJ, from 1972-1976. He would often say that some of his happiest moments in life came from the time he spent there.    Here are some of his activities and accomplishments during those years at THS.
Think of it as sifting through an old box of mementos...because that's basically what it was...
One of Jon-Erik's high school graduation shots.   Fellow commencement speakers (left to right) Nancy Marder, Laura Molnar, Kathy Trainor and Nancy Bree join Jon-Erik and senior class advisor JP Mullin, far right, who donated everything you see.




This article, written by Jon-Erik during his junior year, expresses the reasons behind his love of running.
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A running joke in which Class President Jon-Erik is allegedly kidnapped by terrorists and held for a ransom equivalent to JP Mullin's "weight in gold."
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In this follow-up to the Hexum kidnapping story, Jon-Erik is reportedly released by his captors for a measly $8.79, the profit from a lackluster bake sale held by "all four" of his friends.
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This rare document, written by Jon-Erik during his junior year in high school, details his campaign platform as candidate for senior class president during the 1975-76 school year.
Apparently, there were some hard drugs going around at one of the first senior dances, and Dr. Knueppel was perturbed.  Jon-Erik sent him this letter, dated Sept. 25, 1975, urging him to continue to allow the dances.
Senior Class President Jon-Erik wrote and delivered this address at the Tenafly High School graduation ceremony on June 17, 1976.
Tenafly High School Principal Dr. Daniel P. Kneuppel takes a look back at the formative years of the class of 1976 and their experiences growing up in the 1960s.
Jon-Erik played "Carnival Boy" in the THS production of Carousel, April 10-12, 1975


The Tenafly High School Prom, June 3, 1976
(The Senior Class Council: left to right, Barb Posner, Secretary; Jon-Erik, President; Robin MacDonald, Vice-President; JP Mullin, Class Advisor, and Peggy Silberthau, Treasurer)
Held at the Tamcrest Country Club in Alpine, New Jersey, the crowd danced to the rhythms of Neil Stuart's band and was entertained by the comedic stylings of Steve DePas, who provided "rhyming improvisations" about the audience.  The theme of the event was "Time Passes On", taken from a song by popular 70's group Orleans, which ended the evening.



The Class Cake.  The inscription, taken from Joni Mitchell's 1966 classic, The Circle Game, reads:
We're captive on the carousel of time.  We can't return; we can only look behind from where we came.




(above) Hexum in top hat at an earlier prom, most likely in 1975.

Jon-Erik went down in THS history as the school's first male cheerleader, and also by painting the class insignia on the field house roof (notice the transformation in the two photos).



This song, chosen by Jon-Erik and the other members of the student council, contains lyrics that took on a deeper meaning after his passing, eight years later.
The Pajama Game
Jon-Erik starred as "Prez" in The Pajama Game in his senior year.



Jon-Erik, circa ninth grade, class pic and close-up.



Jon-Erik and the Tenafly High School Marching band took part in the 1973 Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, California.  They're pictured here holding a poster that reads, "California, Here We Come!"

(Above) Scenes from the THS "Class of '76 Senior Movie" and "The Lack of Talent Show", co-starring Jon-Erik and his fellow students at THS. These long-forgotten gems sat in a box in JP Mullin's attic for nearly 32 years, until he recently discovered them, and donated them to the Club.

The original tapes, a now-obsolete type of open reel video, were transferred to DVD in March 2008. If you would like a complete copy of the 61-minute tape and/or the 90+ minute "Lack of Talent Show", please contact us for further details.

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