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This is the official website for the Jon-Erik Hexum Fan Club, founded in 1985, in memory of the late television and film actor.  Unlike most fan clubs, who honor living individuals, this one serves more as an archive and a library.  Formerly based in Portland, Oregon ("pdhexum" is a play on "PDX", the airport code for Portland), and now in St. Louis, Missouri, it has attracted members from all over the globe in its 20+ year history.  We maintain an extensive collection of Jon-Erik's photos, written and taped interviews, filmography and other resources, in effort to preserve the memory of a charismatic and talented individual whose life was cut tragically short due to an on-set accident in October 1984.

Despite his brief time in the spotlight, Jon-Erik was nonetheless able to inspire a great many around him with his positive, take-on-the-world attitude, and we feel he deserves to be remembered and kept in the public eye, so that a meaningful and lasting assessment of his life and work might be made.
If you would like to join the club, or simply share your own memories or encounters with Jon-Erik, drop us a line! In the meantime, grab your omnis, and take a trip back in time with us to the early 80s!







In Memoriam: John Patrick Mullin, beloved teacher and friend of Jon-Erik's, passed away in Cincinnati on Friday, November 21, 2008 at the age of 72.  He very generously donated much of the material you see on this page.  I had the privilege of being a friend of JP's for the last 11 years, and will always fondly remember him for his wonderful dry humor and larger-than-life personality.  -- Doug
Please click here to read the message of appreciation Jon-Erik wrote in JP's yearbook! 

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