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Join the Club!


Information for Hexum Fans and Collectors

Dues are $20, postage included, and will keep you in an active status indefinitely.  Dues get you a 20-page information packet with 12 color pictures and a short biographical sketch; a 7-page list of materials available, including articles, essays, photos, videos, CDs, and DVDs; a sample of our publication, "The Hex-Nut"; and an optional questionnaire.

  • Residents of Canada and Mexico should add $3 for postage and handling.


  • Residents of other countries should add $7 for postage and handling


  • You must be a member in order to purchase anything (this is due to the very complex copyright laws).


  • We are only set up to do business by mail (or UPS, if necessary).


  • We cannot take credit cards -- our small volume makes the charges prohibitive.


  • Please remit for orders in advance, in US currency, by check, cash or money order.  (Cash is not recommended, but we have not yet had any go astray in the mail.  If you must send cash in any large amount, please do so by registered mail, for safety.)


  • Please make checks/money orders payable to Alan Carell, not the JEHFC.


  • Please allow two weeks for delivery (domestic); 3 - 4 weeks for foreign orders.


  • Letters of inquiry and email will be answered within one week, and will be accompanied by the 7-page list of materials available.


  • Our snail mail address:

The Jon-Erik Hexum Fan Club & Archives

32 Lee Avenue

Ferguson, MO 63135

Thanks again for your interest in Jon-Erik Hexum!

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